Explaining the Ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3

Explaining the Ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3


The Inbetween Life

Throughout the series, Ray Shoesmith finds himself living an “inbetween” life. He is a loving father to his daughter Brittany and a caring brother to his brother Bruce, but he is also a cold-blooded killer. Ray’s ability to seamlessly transition between these two worlds is what makes him such a fascinating character.

The Final Job

Explaining the Ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3

In the final episodes of Season 3, Ray takes on a dangerous job that puts his life and the lives of his loved ones at risk. He is tasked with killing a high-profile target, but things quickly spiral out of control. Ray’s actions have consequences, and he must face the repercussions of his choices.

The Showdown

In the climactic final scene, Ray confronts his nemesis, Davros, in a tense and violent showdown. The two engage in a brutal fight, with Ray ultimately coming out on top. However, this victory comes at a great cost.

The Sacrifice

Explaining the Ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3

In order to protect his daughter and ensure her safety, Ray makes the ultimate sacrifice. He turns himself in to the police, knowing that he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. This decision is a testament to Ray’s love for his daughter and his desire to keep her out of harm’s way.

Exploring the Themes

The ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3 raises several important themes. One of the main themes is the idea of redemption. Throughout the series, Ray struggles with his violent nature and the consequences of his actions. By turning himself in, Ray is attempting to redeem himself and make amends for the lives he has taken.

Another theme that is explored in the ending is the concept of family. Ray’s love for his daughter is what ultimately drives him to make the sacrifice. The show highlights the lengths that a parent will go to protect their child, even if it means sacrificing their own freedom.


The ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3 is both heartbreaking and satisfying. Ray Shoesmith’s journey comes to a close as he makes the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his daughter. The ending raises important themes and questions about redemption and the lengths we will go to protect our loved ones. While the ending may leave some viewers wanting more, it serves as a fitting conclusion to this complex and compelling series.

Explaining the Ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3

Throughout the season, Ray had been struggling with his violent tendencies and the consequences of his actions. He had been trying to balance his personal life with his career as a hitman, but ultimately, his choices caught up with him.

In the final episode, Ray finds himself in a dangerous situation when he is confronted by a group of criminals. Despite his best efforts to defend himself, Ray is outnumbered and overpowered. He is brutally beaten and left for dead.

The ending of Mr Inbetween Season 3 can be seen as a commentary on the cyclical nature of violence and the lasting impact it can have on individuals. Despite Ray’s attempts to change and find redemption, he is ultimately unable to escape the violent world he has become a part of.

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